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We take our client’s privacy and confidentiality very serious, we ensure our services are discrete and reflect our commitment to you. For that reason we do not use our client’s full names and location

In the past we have had our children take care of our home, which was always fine but as they get busier and busier and we travel more often it seemed to be a bit of an inconvenience. My daughter discovered VIP Home Away and suggested we try it. Well the name says it all, we felt like we were treated incredibly. We were so impressed and felt secure knowing our home and yard was being closely monitored by professionals that truly cared. I knew by the conversations we had prior to leaving that that they were going to be on top of everything while we were away. It was clear after we were gone only a few days that we made the right choice based on the professional level of communication and care they showed. Our plan was to be away for five months, and knowing that we had constant communication in place was very reassuring. We arrived home 2 weeks later than expected and it was a pleasure to see that all the arrangements we had discussed regarding the pool set up and yard landscaping had been completed as we had discussed over the phone. Mr. Murphy did an excellent job handling things from start to finish during our time away. We will definitely be contracting VIP Home Away to keep our home secure when we leave on our next trip.

Maurice and Lorna

***** Five Stars. We are Snowbirds and absolutely love Blaine and Michele at VIP Home Away Services. It is such a good feeling to know that once you leave your home it’s under the watchful eye of VIP - you do not have to worry a bit. We have our mail picked up (sometimes forwarded) our yard is always taken care of and looks superb! They even arranged having our trees sprayed and hedges trimmed. We are grateful to be able to have them as the first call for the alarm company while we were away too. We have had to have them go to our home a couple of times, and knowing they took care of everything while keeping us updated and informed just solidified our choice. The stress and cost could have been overwhelming had they not been on top of things. The service and peace of mind that you have while away is priceless! We recommend Blaine and Michelle at V.I.P Home Away Services to anyone who is going to be away from home for any reason.

Gallor and Norma B.

I was recently transferred to another city and was required to move before my home had sold, for insurance purposes I needed someone to check on it until it sold. I was fortunate to be referred to V.I.P. Home Away Services, having Blaine looking after my home knowing that multiple people were entering it for viewings was a huge "peace of mind" for me. Receiving inspection reports with pictures and updates was awesome; it definitely put my mind at ease over the course of time it took to sell. ​Great idea to have a professional watch your home if it’s for sale when you can’t.

John S.

We typically have our friends watch over our place while we go away. After meeting Blaine and Michele and hearing about their services we decided to use them while we were out of town for a wedding. We left our home and property in the hands of VIP Home Away Services for only the weekend, but it was quickly realized what an impact having professionals take care of you and your home is vs family or friends. We had an emergency that was dealt with quick and easily over the phone. Not only were we not disappointed, we were hooked! It was a relief to come home and find things exactly as they should be after the emergency. We plan to use them again in the future and recommend it to all our friends and family – even the ones we used to use to watch our house. This is one company that delivers what it promises – VIP all the way.

Garrnett Family

Our first time using VIP Home Away was for a week end get-way, the next few times were for longer vacations out of the country at different times of the year. The last one was this past summer shortly after all the flooding was in full force. Working together with Blaine we had a total game plan on what to execute should the flood waters threaten our home. Blaine and Michele from VIP Home Away Services were very thorough and asked all the right questions, they had questions I had never considered. We enjoyed our holiday knowing our home was being inspected regularly and as the flood water neared we knew we had a plan ready to be put in place. We received daily updates supporting the flood distance along with extra photos showing the water proximity as well as the usual inspection/visit pictures of our home. Blaine went above and beyond, ensuring we were informed. It really did make being away that much more enjoyable. Neighbor’s are amazing, but it felt great to not put any additional stress or burdens on them as we all went though the threat of flooding together. We would confidently continue to recommend VIP Home Away. We are already looking forward to our next trip knowing that our home will be in good hands. One less thing to worry about. Thank you Blaine and Michele.

Kate and Jeff

VIP Home Away was recommended by a friend to look after my mom’s house after her passing while things were going thru probate. All the children lived in other cities so having someone there that truly cared to check in on it over the long period was very reassuring for the entire family. The emails and pictures that were sent each visit to all of us provided complete peace of mind. This is a great service that we had never heard of, we were lucky to have it in Kelowna and appreciate the support during such a difficult time. Our family highly recommends VIP Home Away.

The Afterton’s

We contacted V.I.P. Home Away Services to watch over our home while we were out of the country for over a week. Our initial meeting was amazing, we felt complete trust when we talked to Blaine about looking after our home. The report and a photo arrived each day as promised and we always felt a sense of relief. With the crazy summer of flooding and fires it was an immense weight off our shoulders knowing our home was not only being watched over but there was someone to step up if there was an emergency. We will definitely book them again when travel and we delight in recommending them to our neighbors. Thank you so much for everything.

Bob and Jessi

VIP Home Away is always our first call when we go on holidays! It gives us incredible peace of mind knowing that our home is being looked after. Blaine is professional, thorough and easy to work with. Working with Michele to set up the initial contract was super easy, she made it so smooth and easy. They provided both an education on our home insurance vacancy requirements and peace of mind while we were on vacation. Their shinning compliments are well deserved. Whether you’re taking off for the winter or a weekend get-away we highly recommend using VIP Home Away. As many in our neighborhood can attest, they have a very trusted and professional service, they are very astute and aware of our neighborhood and always have a watchful eye out for not only our house but our entire neighborhood. Thank you for providing us with such an amazing service.

Ryder and Monica

Thank you VIP! Having the peace of mind of knowing it was you two that were taking care of home was priceless. As always, you go above and beyond our expectations. We always enjoy the personal and detailed report after each visit. The discreet service is appreciated and the fact no one can notice we are away for long periods of time is comforting, our neighbors thought we just had company over until we started referring them to VIP Home Away! We are always happy to refer our friends because we know they will be taken care of without exception.

Ryan and Beth

We used VIP Home Away for the first time when we went to Italy for 2 months – and I am SO pleased to say it definitely will not be our last. Trustworthy and Professional, but also beautiful, amazing people! Thank you Blaine and Michele for looking after our home while we're away!! Being so far away I loved the daily reports; they were very reassuring and reminded us that someone was there, really looking after our home! Thank you so very much.

Danielle and Mark

I have known Blaine for over thirty years and have known him to dependable and trustworthy. Whether I am traveling for a few days or away on vacation I can leave home with peace of mind knowing that my property is in good hands. I would definitely recommend him.

Candace M.